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About Untangled | Hair Workshops 

In this workshop I cover the history of systematic racism through black hair and the history of African American hair roots. I connect the unconscious bias that has grown over decades and how that travels into the adultification and criminalization of thousands of young girls everyday at home, in schools and in care. This workshops provides specific steps on how to identify black hair misconceptions. As well as a detailed hands on experience with black hair supplies and identifying different styles that are popular in todays culture.



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Smiling Businesswoman

Patricia, Workshop Attendee

There was so much that I didn’t know! Thank you for giving me a better understanding of black hair. You are a great speaker and an inspiration!

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Faith, Workshop Attendee

I thought it was incredibly comprehensive especially for people seeking understanding without personally having a lived experience. Really great visuals as well. You really are an incredible teacher/facilitator in the way that you broke things down.

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